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Thomas F. Fischer, B.A., M..Div., M.S.A.. Director
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Creative Skits
Original Skits By Thomas F. Fischer

Creative Skits
Creative, original skits for youth and adults. Appropriate for worship, Bible classes, confirmation et al.

Just $3.00 each
Or 2 for $5.00

Skit Title Content Suggested Use

I Know What You're Getting For Christmas!


A simple dialog answering the question, "What Am I Getting For Christmas." Also includes song suggestions. to use as a Duplicate and share freely as long as the copyright information is included. Confirmation Christmas Party, Youth (or adult) Function, or as part of a Christmas worship program featuring Confirmation Youth. Easy to implement!
"I'm Law"
An introduction to Law and Gospel utilizing a dialogue between two parties, Law and Gospel (In The Style of Fred and Annoying Orange). Confirmation Class; Youth
"Who's God?"
A skit developed to help introduce the Trinity to youth in a fun way. (Duplicate is as needed in your organization). Confirmation Class; Youth
Remember Not To Forget
Skit Based on Jesus' Healing the Ten Lepers ( Luke 17:11-19). Adults and youth.

All Skits Are In PDF Format For Distribution Within
Your Organization ONLY

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